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Dating Detox: Your health is suffering



There is no clearer sign that you need a detox in your love life than when your health is suffering. There are loads of health signs that may demonstrate your need to cool it with your dates and have a little time away.

For instance, you may start to become stressed about dating. Otherwise, you may find that your body can’t handle the lack of sleep because you’re dating too much. Otherwise, you may find that you are drinking too much and eating too much rich foods because you spend so much time wining and dining. If you go on lots of casual dates and have lots of casual sex, you may get an uncomfortable warning from an STI.

Of course, these health issues don’t apply to everyone, but there are people out there who have let their health suffer in all manner of ways because they have pushed their dating strategies too hard. In order to get back on track, you need to give yourself time to recover. Use this recovery time, this much-needed dating detox, to figure out a calmer and more rewarding dating strategy – one that you have the time to enjoy, and one that may yield the perfect partner.